Volunteer Criteria

Guidelines for Service Opportunities outside of Lexington Park Rotary Club

As a service organization we encourage all of our members to participate in service opportunities outside of the club as well as being an active participant within the club.Our goal as a club is to reach 3,400 service hours by June 30, 2018, which averages out to approximately 4 hours a month per member.The Service Committee has provided the following guidelines for tracking member service hours:

Any service opportunities performed outside of club events must be done “in the name of Rotary” by identifying yourself as a Rotarian prior to beginning the service opportunity.
Participation at club events DOES count toward service hours.
The following DO NOT COUNT toward service hours:

  • Any service that you preform for other purposes (i.e. for your church, etc.).
  • Participation in weekly club meeting.
  • Participation in club committee meetings.

If you have questions about these guidelines or about a service opportunity, please contact a member of our Service Committee:

  • Lauren Sampson: lksampson@smcm.edu or 724-422-4639\
  • Walter Gardiner: gardinerwalt@gmail.com or 703-304-6264
  • Owen Lewis: olewis@cpfcu.co

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