Mission of Mercy


Southern Maryland Mission of Mercy

FINAL REPORT to District 7620

  • Briefly describe the project.  What was done, when and where did project activities take place, and who were the beneficiaries? The Southern Maryland Mission of Mercy (SMMOM) is a two-day free adult dental clinic that provides preventative dentistry and cleaning, nutritional counseling, restorative fillings and extractions. The project was held July 27 and 28 at North Point High School in Waldorf MD. The project is completely funded by private donations and is staffed by licensed dentist and hygienist and volunteer staff.  During the two-day clinic over 900 adults were administered to.
Rotary Club of Lexington Park Program Manager – Dean Westcoat
  • How many Rotarians participated in the project?  10 from RC of Lexington Par
  • What did they do? On Thursday the 26th they assisted in the setup of the clinic in the school auditorium. On the 27 and 28th we were escorts for the patients that were there for dental assistance. The finally on the 29th Rotarians assisted in the breakdown and pack up of over two hundred dental chair positions and other dental equipment such as autoclaves and X ray equipment.
  • How many non-Rotarians benefited from this project?   Approximately 900 adults received dental assistance and approximately 900 community volunteers were in attendance. Indirectly, assuming families of four, additional benefits of some financial and well being were felt by the additional 2700 in those families.
  • What are the expected long-term community impacts of the project? Improved overall dental health care and awareness for the individuals that participated.
  • If a cooperating organization was involved, what was its role? SMMOM is a well-organized and run charity that is operating in 35 states at this time. We are blessed to have them setup, conduct dental care for as many as they can get through the door in the two days of operations. That have the equipment in large vans. They have on their roster most dentists and their technicians to share their time away from their clinics to do this two day care every two years in our part of Maryland. The non-dental volunteers came from many organizations in the region. Of note, RC of Charlotte Hall provided volunteers, but not part of this grant.
  • How was Rotary promoted or publicized in the project? Attach examples to this report, including photographs.  The Rotary logo was visible on the banners that were throughout the venue. Photos were taken of volunteers assisting at the clinic. Several were published in local newspapers and the RCLP received recognition on the SMMOM web site.  Also, the name tags had RC of Lexington Park printed on them. See attachments.

Financial Report (District must retain receipts of all expenditures)

  • Income                         Amount
RC of Lexington Park $2,000
Rotary District 7620* $2,000
SMMOM $71,200
Total Project Income $75,200
  • Expenditures (please be specific and add lines as needed)      Amount
RC of Lexington Park (Dental Equipment Rental) $2,000
Rotary District 7620** (Dental Equipment Rental) $2,000
SMMOM $71,200
Total Project Expenditures $75,200

*Promised matching DDF from District 7620, paid by RC of Lexington Park at project initiation

**To be reimbursed to RC of Lexington Park on District Acceptance of Final Report


  • Signature Block: By signing this report, I confirm that to the best of my knowledge these District Grant funds were spent only for eligible items in accordance with Trustee-approved guidelines, and that all of the information contained herein is true and accurate.  Receipts for all grant-funded expenditures have been provided to the district.  I also understand that all photographs submitted in connection with this report will become the property of RI and will not be returned.  I warrant that I own all rights in the photographs, including copyright, and hereby grant RI and TRF a royalty free irrevocable license to use the photographs now or at any time in the future, throughout the world in any manner it so chooses and in any medium now known or later developed. This includes the right to modify the photograph(s) as necessary in RI’s sole discretion. This also includes, without limitation, use on or in the web sites, magazines, brochures, pamphlets, exhibitions and any other promotional materials of RI and TRF.

Certifying Signature:

Date:  19 September 2018

Name, Rotary Title, and Club: Michael DeManss, President, Rotary Club of Lexington Park