Membership Lane

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Membership Lane

The Membership Lane Director is responsible for membership activities, including the recruitment, indoctrination and retention of new Club members and retention. The Director oversees the maintenance of the Rotary data base, coordinates “fireside chats”, and leads  membership socials. The director has committees for recruitment, retention/ relations, database maintenance, new member orientation and membership social events

Mike Guy, Director


Recruitment – Invitation to Engage – The recruitment team lead initiates membership recruitment programs that fulfill membership goals established by the Club.  All Club members participate in membership recruitment.  Each Club member is at liberty to select, encourage and sponsor prospective new Club members.

Mike Guy, Chair


New Member Orientation: Engaging to Learn – This committee organizes a quarterly or an as needed “Fireside Chat”. The Fireside Chats serve to orient new members to Club goals, activities and organization. The “chats” provide a casual and friendly welcome to Rotary and what it stands for.

Bob Parkinson, Chair


Retention/Relations Leader: Engaging in the Mainstream of Rotary Activity – The retention lead assures new members become quickly engaged in Club activities. The Club encourages all members to belong to at least one committee.  The committee follows up with new members and their sponsors to get feedback relating to membership in the Club.

Chair – TBD