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The Foundation Lane Director sustains the charitable standing of the Rotary Club of Lexington Park both by maintaining the non – profit status of the Foundation Fund and ensuring that the Club meets the requirements set forth by Rotary International with regards to Club training and project grants.  The Internationally related duties: (a) ensuring the Club is current in optional and required training, (b) awareness of International, District 7620 and global grant opportunities, (c) liaison with District 7620, and (d) providing to the Club information larger activities such as Polio Plus, Paul Harris Awards and District and local conventions.  Funds for the Club’s charitable/service operations are also managed by the Foundation. The director, as a member of the RCLP Board of Directors, is responsible for providing a yearly recommended budget to the Club’s Board of Directors for their charitable, service, and fund raising activities.

George Hurlburt – Director



Paul Harris: Engaging in Rotary – This committee designates club honorees for this prestigious award, bestowed on Charter Night each year. The people fulfilling these duties should be familiar with the process and honors bestowed on the Paul Harris Fellowship  This committee work closely with the Club Secretary  and the Area Governor to discuss bestowing Fellowships that accrue due to Club donations.

Making a Difference – WE ARE ROTARY: Past Rotary District 7620 Governor, Bob Parkinson, congratulates six members of the Rotary Club of Lexington Park for their generous and continuing support of the Rotary International Foundation. Club President Linda Lymas (top), Phil Rooney (Upper right), Carl Franzen (Lower right), Paula Coxon (Bottom), Bernie Taylor (Lower left) and Jane Sypher (Upper left) all Paul Harris Fellows, each received an additional Paul Harris Fellow designation at a recent Club meeting.Paul Fletcher and Mac McGarity (not shown) also received multiple Paul Harris recognition.

Danny Parker, Chair


District Liaison Committee: Engaging at Higher Levels -The committee leader should attend all meetings called by the district on Rotary matters and reports back to the Club Foundation.  This committee also ensures Club members who need to have training are encouraged attend the necessary training.

Chair – Juan Gonzales


The Rotary Foundation District and Global Grant Project Committee: Engaging Internationally – The committee maintains contact with other local clubs to join or lead in multi-club grant request activities and provide input to the board for grants to be requested.

Making a Difference – WE ARE ROTARY: The Rotary Club of Lexington Park has teamed with 5 other Rotary Clubs in an International Project to provide up to 375 prostheses for amputees in Pune India. The Club’s donation was leveraged tenfold through teaming and matching. This project is well underway with life changing results for the recipients of artificial legs.

Bob Parkinson – Chair


The Rotary Funds CommitteeEngaging the Big Picture – The committee make the Club aware of The Rotary Foundation funding, contribution and donation opportunities for its various funds. The chair or designee should make a presentation to the Club at least twice a year reporting on progress, special needs and global activities.

Chair – Tony Stelzner