Club Administration Lane

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Club Administration Lane

2016-2017 Club President Elise Weston (Right) leads the recital of the Rotary Four Way Test as a standard practice at the conclusion of very Club meeting.

The Club Administration lane is analogous to the Rotary International “Club Service” lane of service. This lane is concerned with the smooth running of all internal club operations. The Club Administration Director is responsible for the day to day operation of the Club, including Club meetings, Club communications, Club public relations, Club fellowship and outreach. The planning for Club elections and an annual Charter Night also falls under the leadership of Club Administration Director.

Sandy Galen, Lane Director



Attendance and Visitor’s Greeting: Welcome Aboard – Engaging our Members! – Official “Greeters” extend a warm greeting to all members, guests and visiting Rotarians, to make them feel welcome at meetings in the spirit of Rotary.  The greeters work alongside a badge tender and a cashier. This team works together to welcome Rotarians and guests, officially document attendance, collect luncheon and non-dining payments, and offer 50-50 raffle tickets. The attendance committee assures that all club materials, including the badge box and attendance box, are properly stored at the end of each meeting.  Individuals are assigned these duties for each Club meeting. The assignments are shared in the club’s weekly newsletter.

Temporarily Vacant due to COVID-19, Co-chairs


Song Leaders: Engaging in Song! – The Song Leader committee selections and leads singing at each weekly Rotary meeting.  Songsters may also lead group song at a special meetings or events.

Bob Goldsmith, Chair


Sergeant-At-Arms: Engaging Good Meeting Decorum – The Sergeant at Arms sets up for meetings and stores materials after the weekly meetings.  The Sergeant at Arms also provides working projection electronics, host computers and audio capabilities.

Bob Merritts, Chair


2017-2018 President, Linda Lymas, thanks District 7620 Governor Greg Wins on his annual Club visit.

Programs: Inspiring Club Engagement – The Program committee arranges for a relevant presentation to the Club at each meeting.  Presentations, often generated from within the ranks of the club membership, can involve local community leaders, or authorities from larger spheres of influence. The varied weekly programs frequently center around the six major lanes of Rotary service.

Sandy Galen, Chair


The 2016-2017 Slate of the Rotary Club of Lexington Park officers, upon their installation

Nominating Committee: Engaging Top Leadership – This committee seeks nominations for the annual slate of Rotary Club Officers and Directors.

Ben latigo, Chair


Former King Oyster, Bob Merritts, offers a crown to the 2017-2018 Reigning Queen Oyster, Elise Weston at Charter Night

Charter Night: Engaging Smooth Annual Transition – The Charter Night Committee works with the Club Administration Director to coordinate plans for the annual Charter Night dinner and induction of new officers. At Charter Night, the new Club President is installed and the former Club President becomes King or Queen Oyster to preside over the annual Oyster Festival.

Tricia Powell, Chair


District Conference/RIConvention: Engaging Our District – The Rotary Club of Lexington Park, as a chartered club in District 7620, is eligible to host a hospitality suite at the annual District Conference. In recent years, as a means of enhancing regional camaraderie.  The Rotary Club of Lexington Park has coordinated joint hosting with other clubs within the Southern Maryland region. The theme centers on seafood from the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries.

Bob Parkinson, Chair



“The Spark”: Getting the Word Out to Engage Our Members  The SPARK is a weekly electronic newsletter that highlights Club activities from the previous week and informs members of future agendas and projects for upcoming weeks.  The SPARK is now distributed almost exclusively via email each week the Club meets.  It is also posted in the “Member’s Only” section of the Club’s Web page each week the Club meets.

Sandy Galen, Editor


Club Photography:  Engaging Our Visual Reference – Club photographers visually document all key events that occur at club meetings. These events include, but are not limited to, charitable presentations, program presenters, milestones such as new member inductions, or just fun “stuff” that happens.  Our photographers also snap away at all Rotary sponsored special events. The photographers contribute to the monthly newsletter, press releases, the club history, the club’s web site and the club directory.

George Hurlburt and Walt Gardiner, co-Chairs


History and Archives

Club Archives Our Past Engagements Preserved – The Club Archivist collects, organizes, written materials, newsletters, photographs, videos, or other media in many different formats. The archivist makes these materials available to the Club Historian and interested researchers and members.

Club History Our Rich Heritage of Engagement – The club historian collects and documents the activities of the club through time. The Club Historian updates and periodically compiles the formal club history. This document provides a vital frame of reference for new and old members alike. As the past is a prologue, the Club history is a rich reference for ideas that work. It

Dr. Gina Faden, Chair


Public Relations: Engaging Our Community – The Public Relations team coordinates releases to the media in support of Rotary events.   The releases can be local, Rotary specific, national or international depending upon the scope of the event covered. Public Relations starts with activities, but extends to club history, goals and accomplishments. All Club Public Relations’ initiatives support and reinforce the cause of Rotary, “Service Above Self”.

Gina Faden, Chair


Web Site/Information Services: Engaging Our Internet Community – The Club Web Site Committee maintains the website and the club’s Facebook page. The website ( represents a growing trend where Rotary Clubs make their work known to the world. The site                            includes a “Member’s Only” portal, which is accessed by members only via user name and password in order to ensure RCLP members remain informed about relevant club information. The club has a presence on Facebook (Rotary Club of Lexington Park, Rotary Club #5892). Using the 2017 theme, “Making a Difference,” this page features a weekly post highlighting individual members, usually in a scene involving a specific Rotary activity. This committee also maintains the Oyster Festival website ( and the Oyster Festival Facebook page (St. Mary’s County Oyster Festival).

George Hurlburt, Chair

Fellowship Socials Committee

Fellowship Socials Committee: Engaging One AnotherThe leader organizes club socials, as needed, normally to coincide with the 5th Mondays when a lunch meeting is not held.

Chair – TBD


Rotarians pay a visit to an Honorary Member

Sunshine Committee: Engaging Fellow Rotarians in Need of Engagement – This Committee sends cards, flowers or performs other acts of kindness as appropriate to members during times of infirmity, illness or the death of a Lexington Park Rotarian or an immediate family member of a Lexington Park Rotarian.

Jim McCue, Julie Randall and Paul Fletcher, Co-Chairs