Fundraising Lane

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Fundraising Lane

Special Projects is not a designated Rotary lane of service. Nonetheless, Special Projects are essential to the lanes of service, as fund raising events fuel the activities of the Charitable Projects, Vocational and Foundation lanes of service. Special Projects themselves also involve community outreach and provide valuable support to tourism and the local economy. The Director is responsible for developing existing and identifying new club projects while supporting efforts for the club to raise money, such as, the Annual Oyster Festival, sales at events, Running of the Balls, an Annual Golf Tournament and other potential fundraising projects.

Rose Frederick – Director


National Oyster Shuckers from throughout the United States celebrate their genuine comradarie

Oyster Festival: Engaging the Community BiValve Heritage -This festival has regional recognition, National publicity and International implications. Our U.S. National Oyster Shucking Contest winner goes on to Galway Ireland for the world championship Oyster Opening Context each year. The U.S. National Oyster Festival in St. Mary’s Countyl involves more member engagement than any other single activity. The Administrator professionally organizes, plans and manages the annual Oyster Festival and the U.S National Oyster Shucking Championship Contest. The Immediate Past President serves as Chair of the Oyster Festival Committee.  This annual event, celebrating over 50 years off operation, is notable in that the Rotary Club of Lexington Park engages many other community service organizations as partners in fundraising. This makes for a truly diversified event with lasting effects through charitable works throughout the region.

Elise Weston, Queen Oyster and Chair and Karen Stone, Festival Administrator


Oyster Cook-Off: Engaging the Pallate – The annual Oyster Cook-Off which is held in conjunction with the Oyster Festival featuring the U.S. National Oyster Shucking Contest. The Oyster Cook-Off pits top chefs in competition for the best oyster hors doveres, main dishes and soups. Awards are by category, best presentation, people’s choice and best overall dish. Judges are well respected food writers for local publications.

Chair TBD


Golf Tournament: Engaging on the Links – This annual fund raising event is held at a local golf venue and features a great day of fellowship, friendly competition and door prizes. The leader establishes the date, promotes the event and recruit’s members of the committee to assist in planning the tournament. Ensures there is an article submitted to the club Public Relations (PR) leader and editor of The Spark emphasizing the club’s support of the tournament. his year’s event will be held on September 3, 2020 at Breton Bay Golf and Coutry Club.

Dr. Ben Latigo, Chair


The 2018 5/10K Tri-County Trot winners pose with representatives of Warfighter Advance

  Tri-County Trot May 23, 2020 Sponsors and Results

  Rotary 4Vets 5/10K TrotEngaging on the Run – In 2017, the Rotary Club Sponsored its first walk-run event to benefit Warrior Advance, an organization dedicated to the positive support of veterans who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome. 2019 marks the third year of this annual event.

Steve Brown, Chair


Running of the Balls Committee Engaging on the Roll – The Running of the balls is a fundraising event involving free rolling golf balls. Early arriving balls from a random mix of thousands of numbered balls generates cash and material prizes. The Running of the Balls committee, working with sister Rotary Clubs, decides on the date, publicizes the event and garners sponsors.

Rose Frederick and Connie Lord, Co-Chairs

Event Sales

Event Sales Committee Engaging for the Cause – This committee researches all events in local area for the potential to have the Rotary Club of Lexington Park to set up and sell products that the club has in its repertoire, such as, beer and oyster shooters.

Ray Bednarcik Jr. – Chair

Sponsor Solicitation

Sponsor Solicitation Committee: Engaging to EngageSolicitation of sponsors is an important aspect of fund raising. This committee establishes club promotional materials and recruits potential sponsors from local and national companies and non-profits to support charitable activities.

Chair – TBD

Fundraising Research

Fundraising Research Committee; Engaging to PlanThe work of this committee is long term in nature. The leader establishes communication ties with other Rotary and non-Rotary businesses District proposed idea and, if deemed appropriate for the club, all pertinent information is shared with the Board.  With Board approval, the leader proceeds with the details of setting it up and running the event.

Chair – TBD