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As part of Maryland Public Television‘s “Bay Week“, series, a special program on the U.S. Oyster Festival entitled “Eatin’ Oysters: Chesapeake Style!” will air at 9PM on Monday, April 24. Here is the MPT synopsis and a preview video “The lowly oyster is a delicacy the world over, yet many people say enjoying one is an acquired taste. Here in Maryland though, home of the Chesapeake Bay — the Chesapeake Oyster is King. Whether it’s slurped raw on the half shell or fried, baked, braised or roasted, it’s a favorite. Eatin’ Oysters: Chesapeake Style!, takes viewers around the Chesapeake region in search of who’s eating oysters, who’s shucking, why they love them, where to find the best of them, and the best ways to eat them.”

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